Cinémonde Soiree #60 – A private screening series for thought-provoking cinema

The film stars many of Russia’s best-known actors, including Alexey Serebriakov (LEVIATHAN, 2014). In the span of one day and night in Moscow, five lives will change forever, revealing the cruelty and beauty of the Russian spirit. Join us for this memorable evening!

What’s Cinémonde? A smart, elegant private film series with screenings of thought-provoking films throughout the year, including discussions and gourmet receptions for our participants and guest filmmakers. Dress code is casual evening/chic.


Seating is limited and you need to be invited. If you are receiving this note, you are most welcome! Tickets for Soiree #60 on June 6, 2017 cost $45 per guest and are pre-paid through PayPal (it’s easy, all credit cards accepted). There are no discounts nor refunds. Barring exceptional circumstances, monies are not accepted at the door. Reserve now for Soiree #60!



Cinémonde is a private screening series produced by Mistral Artist Management, LLC. All proceeds are used to pay for screening facilities, staff, reception, food, drinks and organizational expenses associated with each event. No profit is projected or expected. If you received this message, you are invited to reserve your place(s) for Soiree No. 60 on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. At the prompt “Who Invited You?” please enter “Moscow”. Reserve now! If you tell others about this Cinémonde soiree, ask them to enter your name at the prompt “Who Invited You?” Everyone needs to be invited personally, thus underscoring the private nature of the series. See you June 6, 2017!






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