Cinémonde – A private screening series for thought-provoking cinema

Soiree Number #59

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017



For Cinémonde Soirée #59, our first event of the spring 2017 season, we celebrate musical expression through cinema with a rockin’ program of two films that use music and dance to tell their tales. Our feature selection is SUGAR, directed by Shari Berman, the story of a middle-aged woman who decides to follow her dreams and the journey she must take to re-discover her identity.

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Our Soire#59 screening program kicks off with the short film selection, STREETWRITE, directed by Blanche Baker, which exuberantly explores how fraffiti, murals, billboards and posters allow the expression of diverse viewpoints.  Join us for this memorable evening!


Director Blanche Baker on set of STREETWRITE

What’s Cinèmonde? A smart, elegant private film series with screenings of thought-provoking films throughout the year, including discussions and gourmet receptions for our participants and quest filmmakers. Dress code is casual evening/chic.


Seating is limited and by invitation only. Tickets for Soiree #59 on April 5th, 2017 cost $45 per guest and can be pre-paid via Paypal (it’s easy, all credit cards accepted). No discounts nor refunds. no monies accepted at door. Reserve now!

Cinèmonde is a private screening series produced by by Mistral Artist Management, LLC. All proceeds are used to pay for all  organizational expenses associated with event.



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