100 Gold Boats and a Fair Wheel by Elisa Jensen in Lily’s Bar

We are delighted to introduce our latest show in Lily’s Bar, an installation and paintings by Elisa Jensen.

The inspiration for 100 Gold Boats comes from a 3,500 year old grave offering, buried in a mound in the Northern part of Jutland, Denmark. Its an open question as to what the original intent might have been. Were they a fleet to be commanded in the afterlife? A navigational aid to the world of the ancestors?

They ride the rough, dark waves of time, their shining gold leaf skins speak to the light of the sun, as do their markings of concentric circles.

The circle images (Fair Wheels) are homages to the sun from eras as old as the Neolithic and as recent as the viking age. They give a clue to the mystery of life: birth, life, death, rebirth. The cycle continues, we can take hope from that.


Elisa Jensen lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  She has received awards for her work from the New York Foundation for the Arts, The National Academy Museum, The American Academy of Arts and Letters and The Revson Foundation.

A selected list of her solo and two person shows includes 100 Gold Boats and the Fair Wheel, at David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, Call Out at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York; Street Lines at The Painting Center, NYC; Neighborhood Watch at Kimmel Gallery, NYU; Place and Passage: Elisa Jensen & Ruth Miller at The New York Studio School Gallery, NY; Icehouse Gallery, Greenport, Long Island; Perimeter Gallery, Maine; Royal Danish Consulate General, NYC; Morsø Kunstforening, Denmark.

Elisa has participated in group exhibitions at Edward Thorp Gallery, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Leslie Heller Gallery, Sideshow Gallery and Elizabeth Harris Gallery.  This year she curated two group exhibitions at the Green Door Gallery in Williamsburg, she has also curated a show at the former Repetti Gallery in Long Island city.

She is a member of the Corner Group, a Danish artists’ collective, and shows with them regularly at Sophienholm, a Museum in Lyngby, Denmark.

Her work has been reviewed and featured in Two Coats of Paint, Whitehot Magazine, Artinterviewsny.com, Hyperallergic, Artcritical.com, Artefuse.com, Tilted-arc.com, The New York Sun, New York Daily News, and The New York Times.

Elisa graduated from Smith College and the New York Studio School.  She currently teaches at the New York Studio School. Please see www.elisajensen.com for more information.

On show in Lily’s Bar
September 2018 – January 2019
For Further information contact Danika Druttman on (212)339-2092 or email ddruttman@rogersmith.com

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