Show & Tell (No. 8)

The Personal Stories of Objects

On this intimate evening, 4 carefully curated storytellers are invited to
present an object that has an extraordinary personal story attached to it.

The selected participants hail from a broad spectrum of professional disciplines, and their chosen objects represent equally diverse fields of interests and experiences.

These are stories that are rarely told in public, and are unlikely to be again.

 Show & Tell

June 29th, 2016
Henry’s Rooftop Bar opens at 5pm

(Enjoy your drinks on the Penthouse Terrace on the 16th floor,
exclusively reserved for S&T attendees)
Storytelling begins promptly at 7pm in the Penthouse

The Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Ave @47th St, New York, NY 10017

We have only 40 seats available for our audience so we encourage you to rsvp early.
To attend contact Danika Druttman on or call (212) 339-2092

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