Corporate Rates

Private Offers Available

The Roger Smith Hotel is ideally located within walking distance of Grand Central Station and numerous office buildings in Midtown East, as well as a short cab or Uber ride away from any business in Midtown from the United Nations building on the East River to west of Times Square.


Our rooms and suites are also significantly larger than other properties in the area, with an upscale, residential feel that’s both calming and suitable for working productively from a hotel. We also have a select number of Executive Office Suites with an ergonomic desk and collaborative center table setup that’s ideal for business guests and small corporate groups.


Given these advantages to business guests, we are eager to engage with any company looking to work towards a corporate rate program with us. At present, there is no standard discounted price, rate or package for our clients, with each offer bespoke to the needs of the company. If you are interested or wish for us to submit an RFP, please email us at to start the process.