Who Runs The World? Girls! RSH chats with Girls Leadership Organization



Girls Leadership’s mission is to equip girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice. Girls Leadership was founded by educator and social entrepreneur Simone Marean and bestselling author and educator Rachel Simmons. We define leadership as a girl’s ability to know what she thinks and feels, effectively express herself, make brave choices, and respond courageously to her mistakes. These skills can be learned and practiced and they form the foundation for a life of confidence, authenticity and service.

What makes your organization unique?

Our work not only focuses on girls, but also their primary influencers – parents, teachers, and caregivers – to create sustainable impact. Studies show parents and teachers to be the most powerful teachers for girls from elementary grade level and through high school. We see girls’ real-life, every-day relationships with friends and family as the primary opportunity  to teach girls the leadership skills that will serve them over a life-time. social and emotional learning (SEL) is at the foundation of all of our leadership development. We conduct original research that provides hard data on the key phenomena that obstructs our girls’ development. Self-advocacy, negotiation, compromise, personal responsibility and conflict become opportunity for change.

What’s GL’s mission and how do you keep your audience connected?

We keep our audience connected through the various in-person programs that we offer and through our online resources: blogs, online content, and our free book club.

In our major cities, we host various community-building events so that folks can come together and engage with one another to learn more about our mission.

We are active throughout our various social media platforms and encourage all to stay in the loop  about our great work ,many programs and upcoming events to always stay in the loop

Twitter: @GirlsLeadership

Facebook: @GirlsLeadershipInstitute

Instagram: @GirlsLeadership
 Girls Leadership

What girl empowering books do you recommend?

Dorothy Ponton is the Digital Marketing Manager with Girls Leadership and believes that reading is essential for young girls. Each year Girls Leadership offers book recommendations for elementary and Junior high school grade level, some of the most popular selections among their book club are from this past January’s club  and last November 

Where else are you located and how can we contact you?

We are headquartered in Oakland, California with other offices in Colorado, New Jersey, and New York. To learn more about the work and programs with Girls Leadership, please visit www.girlsleadership.org or email info@girlsleadership.org

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